Corliss on the bay
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About Us

 Corliss  Fyfe Whitney opened her ‘general store’ in the late 1970s, providing  the west end of Fire Island easy access to the nuts and bolts  (literally!) of daily life that previously required a ferry ride to Bay  Shore, and a precious beach day lost. Legend has it, what began as an  offshoot of the Pioneer grocery store, which had little space for the  non-food items Corliss was trying to provide, soon rivaled in variety  the market places of Istanbul (according to her husband Frank, then  owner of the Pioneer): books, boogie boards, wagons, rugs, hardware,  clothing, jewelry, cookware, sewing kits, toys, and even vintage  clothes.

In that respect, not much has changed at Corliss on the  Bay since her son, Jeff, took over in 1990, aside from the addition of  what is arguably the best array of bikes and bike accessories on the  island. Jeff has been a cyclist enthusiast since high school and what  better place than Fire Island to engage that passion.

Corliss on  the Bay is located at the ferry dock on the bay of Fair Harbor,   convenient shopping for the west end towns of Fair Harbor, Atlantique,  Lonelyville, Dunewood, Saltaire, and Kismet.